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Finished Charlie’s back:

Led zeppelin Back. Click to enlarge!

Led zeppelin Back. Click to enlarge!


Artsy Black and white :). Click to enlarge!

Closeup. Click to enlarge!

Closeup. Click to enlarge!

Closeup. Click to enlarge!

Closeup. Click to enlarge!

And my little rascal turned 2 years old. Without a doubt one of the best persons in this world… ever!

My son's Birthday!

My son’s Birthday!


Henrik Gallon





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Hökarängens dag!

A swedish thing :):

Lördagen den 2/6 är det Hökarängens dag och vi har öppet! Perfekt dag att prata tatueringsprojekt och dricka kaffe. Vi har även slängt in ett presentkort i lotteriet som pågår på torget på 2000 spänn! Välkomna på lördag!

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Updating The Blog:

I had a conversation with my customer today about the frequenzy of updating the blog to keep it interesting, a subject I talked about in earlier posts. She thought that twice a week was a good number, and even if I could post twice a week I get the feeling the post might get a bit bland. But then again, not sure the posts right now are that informed andthought-through anyways. What do you reader/watchers think?

Oh, WordPress added a statistic that shows from where in the world the blog is viewed; quite suprising :).

click to enlarge if you like stats!

Some new paintings /tattoo flash:

Made some new paintings for the shop, and if there’s any takers I can tattoo them as well. Bought this really nice aquarelle-paper and thought I’d do tons of good paintings. So far I’ve done some shitty paintings and these two which I’m quite pleased with :). Not as easy as it seems.

Fish that is now hanging above the coffe machine at Gallon Tattoo.

Soon hanging at Gallon Tattoo 🙂

As all paintings they look so much better when framed, which they are now. But hard to photo a framed picture so you get to see them like this.

And Tattoo:

The first sitting on Rakel’s arm. Going to be a killer, I think.

Rakels WIP arm. Click to enlarge!

Rakel's Wip arm detail. Click to enlarge!

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In the latest post I said I was thinking about something cool to put in the window. Well, I found a mannequin online and bought it. It now stands in the back of the shop and manage to scare the shit out of me everyday.

Mannequin at Gallon Tattoo

So, why buy a mannequin? Well, to paint tattoos on and have wearing not so much clothes to show of said tattoos. Will end up superbly cool or very white trash… good thing my girlfriend works with selling clothes and might dress the doll in a fashionable fashion :).

Also got two extra arms and manage to mix all the four arm so I did some test of putting a tattoo-transfer on one of the arms that actually fits the doll, messing it up.

Severed arm on busy light table at Gallon Tattoo

And then did real designs on one of the extras.

painting tattoos on the arm. Tools of the trade next to it:)

Well, this project will be continued, with some alteration. The messed up arm will be full colour so that’ll fix it. The one I  started the real design on will be finished and attached to the doll (with minor surgery if necessary :)).

And the extras will point towards different sights important to the customers (that’s the location of the toilet).



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A Fine Guest From Gothenburg!

Erik from Buzzstop 28 , Gothenburg  is coming for a guestspot the 7-9 of Mars. He still got a few appointments to fill and is mainly looking for work that he can finish in one sitting/day.

Take a look at his amazing work at the studio’s homepage;  http://www.buzzstop28.se/  or check out his blog: http://buzzstop28.org/.

Either contact us at 086045815 or Erik at  031-7807 995 (direct number to him at Buzzstop 28).


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Freezing January


Happy to say the blog is back after a christmas/new years/convention break!

Well, you regulars won’t see the difference as I still don’t update as often as I could. The reason for that is mostly that it takes some time and that is something I have been lacking since my son was born (that’s my own choice, try to spend all extra time I can find with him and Catrine), and the fact that I don’t post funny clips and stuff like that. I hope that you appreciate the no-nonsense, just work thing I have going here. If you don’t , let me know. Another factor is that I like to post finished work and that takes a while to actually get finished… as everyone who started a big project knows :). This will be a bit of a mega-post (like I have done a lot of lately).

Tattoo Freeze:

I was off to Telford, UK for Tattoo Freeze.  I couldn’t stand the thought of being away from Valter and the best of girlfriends (who accept me getting her and our baby on flights and trains across Europe for my work ) so I dragged them along, as well as my sister and her boyfriend.
This time I’m not going to make a detailed review of the convention (which was a really good organized convention, just as Tattoo Jam.)

Tattooed Kathleen from Leeds, very nice person, who didn’t get any chance reading her book as I mumbled through the hard questions  of life with an emphasis of how she had planned to survive a zombie ap0calypse.

Kathleens bird and key. Click image to enlarge!

Oh, and she’s actually the girl who sent me an e-mail that was lost, which I talked about a couple of posts back.

My sister and Valter, my son!

I was amazed by the fact that I have the best kid in the world. We have it real easy to be honest, and a bit hesitating to get another one because he’s so damned easy-going. Woke him up at 05.00 and put in on a twelve hour journey and he was all smiles all the way, except when not being able to run around in the plane. And we arrived back home at 01.30 and he was just happy all the way home as well (but the happiest part was when he woke up at home the next day, in exctasy).

I’ll be back in the Uk in the end of april, London for the http://www.greatbritishtattooshow.com/ . Drop me an email if you want to book an appointment!


Some Tattoos from back home:

Chrull's Emperor Norton, the emperor of the US. Click to enlarge!

Chrull did a portrait of Emperor Norton of the USA and the protector of Mexico. Google it!

And one new project, The Labyrinth Snake:

Jen's Labyrinth snake WIP. Click to enlarge!

It’s also a cover-up, but still a lot of work left.

At last

A note to all the good people sending me e-mails about booking an appointment. You got loads of good ideas that get me really excited… but the best way is to roll by the shop/studio and just book an appointment.
It’s still in the beginning of the year so there’s openings in the schedule :). It tend’s to clog up in just a couple of weeks time and I don’t want to miss out on the ideas you got!

Take care and welcome to Gallon Tattoo!

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Studion kommer att öppna den måndagen den 7/11 2011 , kanske inte på grund av force majeur utan på grund av lite saker som fortfarande skall fixas med. Vi ses då :)!

The Studio will open on monday the 7/11 2011.

Lite Bilder från hur det ser ut just nu… fortfarande en del att göra men hänt fruktanvärt mycket på kort tid. Jag har fotat hur det såg ut när jag fick kontraktet men det med en gammal mobiltelefon så får uppdatera tråden under veckan.

Valter öser i soffan.

Stans största ljusbord … kanske.

En snabbvy över sterilrummet.

Så, fortfarande en hel del att se om du kommer på besök, men en vy över studion i stort iallafall.

Välkomna in på måndag!

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