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Going to print a new portfolio soon. This is what I got so far :).

Click the Images to see a larger version:

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 The Sign:

Finally we got our new sign. The location of the studio in the centre of Hökarängen puts it right in an original 50’s area, and some things can’t change. So we were given an amazing neonsign in that 50’s style by our (very nice) landlord. It does look impressive , don’t you think?

Gallon Tattoos, Hökarängsplan 14

The one and only Valter:

My son turned one year old (and even  if it might be a bit cheesy to post picture of that lovely creature… well, screw that. He’s the funniest guy I ever met and I’m really happy to be his father and look forward watching  him turn into a not so lovely teenager.).

My son Valter (as usual)

And now what I guess most people look at the blog for, Tattoos:

Some small ones, first a dinosaur,  Plesiosaurus:

Jacob's Plesiosaurus. Click to enlarge!

And Helena’s text, above the back of the knee:

Some works in progress:

I have been waiting to do this for some time but as it actually takes quite a lot of time to edit images and all that, I just gather all of them in one of these ”big posts”.

Ville’s Hellraiser Sleeve:

Well, as the title states, this sleeve is all about the Hellraiser universe , started by author Clive Barker.
I have actually been pretty obsessed with that universe since I was a kid (freaking scary things to watch as a kid though.) and collected the comic books and some of the doll’s as well (those pins on Pinhead are worse than a cactus!).
I’m a bit superstitious when it comes to this, but I have warned Ville that if he starts to bleed very much, and the light starts to flicker and … well, if the doors to Hell starts to open, we should stop!.

First off we’re doing something like cards with different scenes and characters from the Hellraiser movies and comics. Those cards will be made in different styles as well, so that will be really fun. After that we move on to the background, which will consist of the pattern from the Cube, or Lament Configuration for the nerds out there. Lastly there will be a bit of a coverupish thing, where the trademark chains with fleshhooks will be tattooed over the things already done. Well, First sitting, four hours:

Ville's Hellraiser sleeve. Click to enlarge!

 Fredrik’s Mechanical Tentacle sleeve:

These tentacles goes all the way to the shoulder and out on the hand and was an absolute pain to draw. There’s a diver stuck in there as well. Just the underarm for show this time, more will follow :). This is also a place where I try out different ways to build texture. Liner only:

Fredriks tentacle sleeve. Click to enlarge!

Krim van Riot’s Full Leg:

Krim’s leg will start in darkness, death and elände and move up to beautiful flowers on the thigh. I plan to do that transition in tattooing technique as well, starting with these pretty rough skulls and on the thigh moving to full colour flowers, without any crosshatching. Just smooth colour fades and small leaves, buds and ornamental details. But we start at the bottom:

Krim's leg. Click to enlarge!

 Fredrik no. 2 Starcraft Sleeve:

Fredrik arrange international Starcraft tournaments, working for Dreamhack. This has already been seen by some of the bosses of Blizzard, as they’ve met Fredrik in person. Cool stuff, and will get better as the protoss are added, as well as some Terran gunships and heavy walkers. Well, what’s not to like. Oh, none of these parts are finished, I’m just impatient and wanted to do something else than Kerrigan’s hair for a bit :):

Kerrigan. Click to enlarge!

Terran propaganda. Click to enlarge!

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Day 1

First day:

Started the day with realizing that the phone company is playing havoc with the studio phone, and it’s not working. As it’s IP tele you have to send in some confirmation that you want the number you ordered. Which I did … but still they’ve shut down the phone… So I called twice and they turned it back on. But still not working. Hoping for tomorrow :).

Well, nevermind… Started the day with the beginning of Erik’s ribpiece. Crappy phone pic, sorry for that.

Eriks revben. Hand med bok och timglas. Linjemaskin endast använd!

Just when I was planning to leave Mr. Bartos showed, after a 2 hour drive, hoping to get tattoed on the first day. You can’t say no to that. Did this logo on him and some fix up on a real old panther.

Det var allt för denna dagen! Vis ses i Hökarängen. Gamla kunder kommer snart få ett erbjudande ni inte får missa 🙂

Ha det gött

/Herr Gallon

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This last thursday my studio acted as a photostudio for the music magazine Terrorizer.

The Backstory to the whole event is that my former colleague and friend Wez plays in the band Dripback. He’s not only a good musician but also a very talented tatttoer. He’s working at Bluebird in Västerås, and it’s a bit of a hassle to get from england to Västerås.

So we set up the photoshoot at my studio, and that meant I also got tattooed afterwards. A real win-win situation if any. And a really good way to see that everything was working as a tattoostudio.

Wez, from Dripback, getting his photo taken for Terrorizer Magazine


One of many plans with the studio is to have a gallery section, where artist not necessery connected with the tattoo industry get to show their work.

First out is my all time favourite illustrator from Stockholm, Mr. Magnus Blomster. He’ll hang his work in the studio on wednesday and I probably let it hang there for a long time :).

One example of Magnus Blomster's beautiful work.

Look at more of his artwork at magnusblomster.com and be sure to come by and look at the in real life. That dotwork is stunning!

Welcome in on monday from 12.00.

Take care

Henrik Gallon

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Tattoojam 2011 Doncaster


Imorgon tidigt åker jag med familj och några vänner till Tattoojam i Doncaster, englands största tatueringsmässa för att jobba :).

Så om jag inte svarar på mail eller liknar är det för att jag är i internetskugga och har roligare än att svara på mail.



Ha det gött


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