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Krisses Back:

A Pirate ship returning to harbour, in that nasty pirate cove, unknown to all but the saltiest pirates and villiany. We’ll add the pirate cove to the left and a raging seamonster below, stretching down the back of the thigh. Will be stellar :). Everything but the Dead Moon logo will be covered up. Every picture is really big so click to see details. Work in progress!

Krisses Pirateship.click to enlarge!

Krisses Pirateship.click to enlarge!

krisse1 krisse2 krisse3 krisse4


Raffes Back: t,.

Oldschool metal, inspired by the Sepultura ‘Arise’ cover, some Bisley drawing and random madness. This is a back to look closely at. The right side will be the good side, with more angels (but not angels of death) and a church. This is fully healed. Actually done a short sitting after this. I’ll show you next time this is featured !  Every picture is really big so click to see details.

Raffe's Back! Click to enlarge!

Raffe’s Back! Click to enlarge!

Raffe2 raffe3 raffe4 raffe5 raffe6

Karin’s Back:

Karin wanted a tattoo combining swedish traditional furniture painting (kurbits) with her favourite sci-fi series, Star Wars , Star trek and Dr. Who. Added some other nerdy references as well. She sat like a rock. Will be colour when done. The picture is really big so click to see details.

Karin's back! Click to enlarge!

Karin’s back! Click to enlarge!

Oh , I’ll be working the Great British Tattoo show, London, UK, in may,  so if you want work done, get in touch!






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